How to Build Your Blog Today

Build Your Blog Today

A FoolPropf Step-by-Step Blueprint

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You can build your blog today. It doesn’t need to be a challenge, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Get started today following my action based blueprint that presents each step with clarity here at Build Your Blog Today. Before the end of the day, you will have a fully functioning blog. The blog you create today has the power to get the results you’re looking for whether it’s for your business or personal life.

Build Your Blog Today is a source for new bloggers and experienced bloggers who want to learn more and get real results through blogging.

My name is Viv Beck, I’ve been blogging for years. I created this complete blog building system to help people find greater fulfillment in life and work by building a quality blog.

This is your chance. It’s your turn to start creating options. The sooner you start, the further ahead you’ll be.

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A blog is powerful. It can improve your business and it can change your life.

As a business, blogging helps you become your own boss. You get to make the rules. It has the possibility to create a life changing stream of income, and give you the freedom to spend time with people who matter.

As a business, blogging helps you become your own boss. You get to make the rules. It has the possibility to create a life changing stream of income, and give you the freedom to spend time with people who matter.

You may want to build a blog to make money, enhance your professional identity or to channel a passion, Regardless of what your end game is, it’s very possible to set up a professional looking blog that reflects your goals and your personality. These days, it’s pretty easy if you’re given the steps.

 Why is This Blueprint Different?

There are plenty of other websites offering information about blogging. I checked out a bunch of them. I also reflected back on my own experience. Back in the day, I did not build my blog in one day.

It was a challenge. As a teacher I see websites from a different perspective than many readers. I noticed there were some missing elements to how information about building a blog was presented.

I noticed there were some key elements missing from most sites.

Because of this, I took it on as my mission to simplify the process and add clarity. I want new bloggers to have a pleasant experience with as little frustration as possible.

So, really, what’s different about Build Your Blog Today and other resources? I’ll tell you.

Structure During Creation

As I perused the sites online sharing the “how to’s” they shared boatload of tools. They also share the steps to creating a blog. These features were great. But most were done there, leaving new bloggers to ‘figure out’ the details that create a sustainable, purposeful piece of internet real estate.

Little attention was given to structure. “Blog about anything and everything and you can make money!” they’d say.

This is not true. Every blog needs to start out with a defined purpose.

I focus on creating a solid foundation. Before useful systems and structures are in place, a high quality blog needs a solid foundation.

This solid foundation of a clear purpose and meaningful content is what creates more traffic, readers, and clients.

Sustainability is the key difference.

This focus on creating a solid foundation is what sets my site apart from the others.

The limited information regarding structure on other sites is what set people up for a short blogging experience…

Limited Support and Direction

This is what I noticed about other sites out there. They’d show the steps to creating a blog and then leave their readers to their own devices after their site launched.

This is unfortunate because the magic happens after the launch… if you know what you’re doing with your blog.

I’m here to help you beyond the creation. Get past the system of building, and I’ll be here for you for the duration.

There’s also another thing I noticed …

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Do You Want to Pay for Guidance?

Many sites out there charge a fee for the information you get here for free. You can expect costs of $89 to almost $300.

You don’t need to pay to get the Blog Building Blueprint here. The advice you get here is at no cost.

Clarity and simplicity is what helps WordPress users be successful.

This is why I chose WordPress. I recommend it because it’s easy to use, especially for those with no experience in web design.

Your blog, built on WordPress is easy an sustainable.

It’s flexible. It allows you to create any type of blog you want to design. You can set up a cooking blog, a blog about fishing, or a blog to enhance your professional presence online with the look you desire.

This happens with your choice of theme. Themes create the layout of your blog, and there are 1000’s to choose from in WordPress.

Later on, if you want to change the look of your site, it’s easy to do. The best part is you don’t need to know how to code. Save HTML for the experts.

This simplicity makes it easy to get behind WordPress and share it with you, with confidence.

Relax and Enjoy the Journey

WordPress may be new to you, but you’ll get a handle on in very fast. I can teach you how to get started.

I remember how nervous I was when I built my first blog. The ‘what if’s’ were swirling around my head.

When you start a new adventure there are always questions. A little guidance is always helpful. With some coaching you can create a success blog on any topic that interests you: fashion, weight loss, movies, music, parenting, and any other topic that might light your fire.

The time I give you, the guidance you get here, is free.

Excited to Build Your Blog Today? Get started not with the first steps in this blueprint

Why You Should Avoid Free Blogging Platform

Free blogging platforms are tempting. But, there are some good reasons to avoid and (different from

Here are some reasons I recommend going with your other options.

Reason 1: You don’t own your site, they do.

Think of it as renting or owning. As a renter of your online real estate, you don’t have ultimate control. If you rent an condo, you have to follow the rules set forth by the owners. There are things can and cannot do.

Would it make sense to spend time and money investing in redesign of your condo, knowing you could lose your lease next year?

Want to play loud music in the apartment your renting? You’ll be told to knock it off.

On your site, if built on a free blog the same holds true. If you say something on your blog the owners don’t like, they can shut down your site.

Reason 2: You also have limited bandwidth.

This mean you have less storage for the information on your site. Eventually you’ll be forced to make significant changes on your site that can be avoided. There are lots of different restrictions with free blogging platforms.

Going the paid option is very affordable. It’s an investment in your blog that costs less than a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop (about $5 – $7 per month.)

You Have Nothing to Lose By Moving Forward

You will meet your blogging success is you follow the steps-by-step instruction in this simple blueprint. I’ve seen bloggers rewarded by their efforts and make money to help them find the freedom they’re looking for. That is an amazing feeling.

My mission is help more people, people like you, build their own blog in 2017. Please keep in mind, you can contact me for help. Don’t hesitate to ask me a question.

To let you know, my webhosting service pays me a small commission each time I help someone set up their blog. It’s a win-win situation. Know I’ll be here for you at no cost to you.

Please keep in touch.

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