13 Keys for Teaching Excellence

Excellence is Not for a Chosen Few

teacher preneur cafe 13 keys to excellence

Excellence is not a gift, nor is it a talent. Learning to strive for excellence is a skill and this skill is undeniably necessary in the 21st Century classroom. Excellence requires increased student engagement and motivation.

Over the years I learned this: If students can master one thing, they have a greater likelihood of developing mastery in other areas of their lives. So, as a result, I spend a great deal of time scaffolding meta-cognition self-regulatory skills.

Together, these skills call on both the head and the heart to establish a purpose for progress. After a half century of teaching and equal amount of research, I can simplify the process of helping students develop the skill set required for striving towards excellence.


13 Keys for Teaching Excellence

1.Be transparent

2.Survey understanding

3.Make connections

4.Share standards

5.Establish boundaries

6.Provide choices

7.Encourage exploration

8.Incorporate collaboration

9.Nurture self-reflection

10.Celebrate mistakes

11.Reward effort

12.Track progress

13.Recognize growth

If we want our student to strive for excellence we must help them understand that excellence itself is not an outcome but a lifestyle build on habits of the mind and the heart.

Model it, and they will follow.

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