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I am Viv.

Viv Beck Build Your Blog TodayFirst I want to say, thank you for stopping by my site, I really do appreciate it.

This site is meant to give you the resources to start an online journey. If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your field, become an affiliate marketer, or create an online presence for your services or products, this site is for you!

Years ago, I jumped into the online space and started as a hobby blogger. It didn’t take long to figure out that having your own piece of internet real estate is necessary in our global economy.

Why Create an Online Presence?

I got started online for many reasons. I’m a teacher, and I needed both job security in the here and now and financial security for the long term. With retirement looming in the not so distant future, I had choices to make.

I knew I’d need to create an extra income before I retire. Where I live, the state’s financial state is horrific. I was nervous the state wouldn’t have the money for the pension I’ve been expecting. So, I decided to take skills I learned as a teacher and apply them online.

All I knew was that I wanted to take control of my financial destiny, rather than leaving it in the hands of state, or anyone else for that matter

Maybe you are in a similar situation. Maybe you want to take control of your finances once and for all. Freedom of choice is one of the most valuable freedoms I’ve experienced with my online marketing journey.

This site will help you get started blogging so you can take control, too.


I love to share information. I love to teach. I love to help others. Blogging was a way to do all of these. Blogging, web design, and internet marketing have become part of my life.

I do it all for two very clear reasons.

1) Because I love web design and blogging, and

2) I want to keep on teaching long after my career is over.

 Through the world of blogging and marketing I get to expand my influence well beyond my classroom to help others. I do this because I improve my life while helping other people improve their lives.


I want to help as many people as I can for the rest of my life. Teaching isn’t just something I do for work, it’s who I am. I’m a lucky gal to have a career I love and the ability to enhance my income through even more teaching!


My philosophy is that we are meant to bless others with your blessings, and that’s what I want to do for you!


I’m a first generation American. My family is Brazilian. I grew up with strong cultural influence. Family life was great, loving parents, amazing siblings, and lots of traditions that created cherished memories.

Unfortunately, school was not as enjoyable as family life. I was a challenged learner. Back in the old days, there weren’t programs for kids like me. I was just “slow”. Love got me through the challenging years.

I never let dyslexia be an excuse for lack of success. Fast forward through the challenges and the frustration and I can proudly say I earned my bachelors and master’s degree, graduating with the highest honors.

From there, I got my first job right out of college, got married, became parents, got divorced, raised my daughter, continued building my career, discovered internet marketing, and got married again.


I really wanted to get my PhD, but soon after meeting my husband, I realized I didn’t want to sacrifice the time to get that done. I wanted to work on our relationship and build our life together.

This is when I decided to dive into internet marketing. Rather than spend 5 years earning yet another degree that would keep me in a system I can’t control, I decided to take the leap into marketing.

I wanted to create some security for myself. The thought of always being at the mercy of the education system started to sicken me, literally!

Going back to school for yet another degree that would allow me to make an income based on “the system” lost its luster.

Before getting into internet marketing I looked for start an online opportunity. Lots of time went into researching companies and pay structures. I tried out so many. Some things worked and some didn’t. Somehow my efforts were COSTING me money, the exact opposite of what I wanted.

I ran into a lot of so called “opportunities” that were total SCAMS!!!!

  • Spend $3597 Today, and Make 100% Commission FOREVER
  • I’m the Millionaire Mentor Who Will Make You Money
  • Make Thousands of Dollars in Your First Month as a Member

If you ever searched for a “work from home opportunity”, you can relate to these kinds of things.

All I knew was that I didn’t want to at the mercy of a system or a boss. I knew I wanted to make money online, I just had to figure out how.
This was what I wanted:

  • Work from home to make money while I kept my career going
  • Freedom to set my own goals and business objectives
  • A business that I could continue to grow after retirement
  • A business I could take anywhere I go
  • A business I could be proud of and make decent money with

I was looking to create an income on MY terms, that was my dream!

”I wanted MY own business I wanted to be MY own boss, that was my dream”

I Had Issues…

  1. I had NO experience earning money online
  2. I had NO clue just how clueless I was

But, I had a dream, and I took action!

I build my first website promoting weight loss products. I thought, ‘this would be simple’ but I made up my own rules as I went along. In reality, I had no idea what I was doing. I did figure out how to get my site up and fill it with information, but getting visitors to my site was another issue!

I failed miserably. Lots of content. Great site. No Money.

Going alone and trusting myself to figure out the details was just not a great plan.

Somehow I figured out that I could add some affiliate products to my site, and I made a little money that way. After that I made a decision to look for guidance from real leaders in the industry. I came across a website that changed my life.

Sounds corny to say it “changed my life” but that’s the truth…

I can say this with confidence because there were real people behind that site. They gave me the tools AND training to make this whole online thing actually work. This is when I finally learned the in’s and out’s marketing online.

That was years ago…

Fast forward a few years and I make a substantial income from the comfort of home on my laptop

In fact, today, I am still a part of the life changing community that helped me clarify my vision and my action plan.


I am now looking forward to retirement. In 6 short years, I’ll be able to say I am a full time internet marketer.

The best thing is that I am able to do this part-time, creating stability of an income while my career winds down.

I have less stress each day. It gives me more passion to invest myself in the moments of teaching without being clouded by the fear of the future uncertainties. I love my career work, and I love my internet marketing business.

I look forward to waking up each morning because I know I’m calling the shots. The feeling of being able to make decisions based on your own choices is priceless. This is what I call freedom!

It’s like I ‘play’ everyday.

I am in charge of my time, my schedule, and my business. Believe me, I do put in the hours working from home, but I get to do it on my own terms!

The chance to work from home, outside the politics and uncertainty of education is an absolute gift. Not a day goes by that makes me take that for granted.


My mission is help other people interested in building a presence online. The bonus? Help you make extra income too! My site was built with intention of giving other people support to get started online and take back control of their lives.

If you want to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field or start making an income online, I know there is a way to make that happen.

If you want to experience the freedom that comes from controlling your destiny and give you the power to call your own shots, I can help. I’m here to help you reignite the flames of passion for your future. If that’s you, I’m glad you’re here.

Figuring out this whole online thing was the greatest education I could have given myself. As an educator, this speaks volumes to the power of building your online real estate.

If I can build a blog and make money online, then I know anyone has the chance to do the same.

You may not want to make an additional income online. Maybe you just want to create a website where you support your oI am ffline efforts. I respect that. In fact, Build Your Blog Today gives you everything you need to make that happen. I LOVE helping people get started online. I’ve worked with busy professionals, business owners, network marketers, online shop owners, and hobby bloggers.

Building a website is the foundation of online success. No matter what your goals are, I can help you get started TODAY!

If you do want to make money online, I can show you how to monetize your site, too.

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Blessings and Prosperity!