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Build Your Blog Today | FAQ

The following questions were taken from an brief interview I did with a fellow blogger Read to the end and gain some insight to why TPC was developed.

What is BYBT?

BYBT was designed with busy professional in mind. It’s the place where anyone can create an online presence for the purpose of expanding their reach beyond their current circumstances.

It’s a blog teaching busy professionals how to blog. The creator is a teacher turned entrepreneur. The love of technology and teaching merges here at Build Your Blog Today.

It serves as a place for those who want to get started creating a website or a blog.

Why was it created?

The site was created to help shorten the learning curve for those who want to create an online presence, share a cause, or start a business. For instance, perhaps you are a professional looking to create a website to showcase your skills and expertise.

You can learn how to create a website for this purpose and expand your reach beyond the walls of your workspace. Maybe you have a cause that you support and would like other to do the same.

A website is an excellent way to broaden your reach to others you wouldn’t otherwise communicate with in your current circle of influence. Of course, there is also the opportunity to build an online business whether it’s affiliate marketing, sales, or a passion turned to profit.

What will visitors learn at BYBT?

The main goal of Build Your Blog Today is to offer training on simple, efficient web design. What visitors learn here is how to plan their site for their specific purpose and desired outcomes. Every website meets a need, each unique to its overall intention.

With the help of the training and support, web design is simplified. All training and resources are the result of years of investigation. The steps in the Blogging Blueprint were created by a teacher experienced in curriculum development. Over the last decade Viv built many blogs and websites using the very same tools you’ll be using.

First hand experience drives the presentation of this action based blueprint to blogging. And, it was created by a teacher.

This means you receive information when it’s most appropriate in the learning cycle.

Is it difficult to design a website?

The fundamentals are not difficult. You can learn the information and create a plan for yourself once you understand how to navigate your content management system. The greatest challenge isn’t in the work. It’s in the thinking that comes BEFORE the site is designed. There are many thought processes that are usually overlooked when considering the content structure. Every site needs a tight focus based on a hyper focused purpose.

Often times a person interested in building a site jumps into the creation on their online presence with little thought about how their ideas fit into the what we call the site silo. A site’s framework has to be readable by spiders in the search engines while still being reader friendly.

Does this mean people shouldn’t build their site until they know everything they need to know about web design?

Absolutely not. You’ll never know everything you should know before you begin. Very few people are formally educated about site design. In fact, millions of blogs are posted each day and not every creator of these posts knows everything they should know.

What BuildYourBlogToday does is allow those interested in creating a website or blog quickly to do it with the end in mind, BYBT isn’t about selling a broad array of products or high profile advertising. It’s about giving people what they need when they need it in order to create a fully functioning blog today.

Do I need to know code to build a website?

No! You do not need to know any code. That’s the beauty of technological advancement. You don’t need to know HTML, CCS, or PHP. All you need to do is learn how to manage your content management system. The one we focus on here is WordPress. It’s easy to learn once you gain a basic understanding of how it functions.

The theme you chose will certainly make an impact on complexity. But, there are simpe themes that are a great place to start. We offer recommended themes for new bloggers that offer a variety of design options, and they are easy to navigate and personalize.

Get comfortable with the simplistic and learn the functionality of WordPRess. Build your site and as it matures, you can consider stepping up to a more robust theme with more options for design. If you’d like some themes with even more design options, we have some of those we recommend, too.

It says I can build a site in 30 minutes for free. Does this mean there are no costs?

The training and one on one support you get here at Build Your Blog Today is completely free. There is no cost to you for learning how to create your blog or website. However, in order to own your piece of internet real estate, there are minimal costs.

In the beginning, while you gather the skills and information needed to progress, there is a cost, though minimal. Every site requires a hosting company. Hosting and domain purchase is essential. This fee is $5-$8 per month. A nominal cost to expand your reach and your business across the globe.

Now, if you choose to hire staff, protect your site against malware, or higher designer, then the costs increase.

Here at BYBT, we help people create a blog with sustainability for the long term. If something is going to take your time, you might as well give yourself the best experience possible.

The good news is, the cost of maintaining a blog or website are minimal when compared to opening a traditional brick and mortar store or if you were to buy a franchise. The point is you can build your website for far less than other business proposition. Even hobbyists find value in the cost of hosting and a domain purchase to give them a way to channel their talents in their own online piece of real estate.

How long will it take to be able to get a return if building a website to get profits?

That depend on the route you take. Some bloggers choose to become affiliate marketers. Others want to build a professional portfolio to secure work, where other may build a website for the purpose of growing their networking marketing business.

Each scenario presents different nuances. All websites, however, require the creator to learn a new skill set, develop a sound structure, and create meaningful content. That’s what we help you develop at BYBT.

If you’re interested in becoming a successful affiliate marketers, Build Your Blog Today has further training beyond the 8 Step Blog Building Blueprint.

Where would I start if I want to build a website?

First, you have to think about what your desired outcome is. Then decide with certainty. Do you want to make money? Do you want to brand yourself as an expert in your field? Are you looking to create a professional portfolio or share a passion with world and teach them something new?

This is the very first step. Think about your why.

In as little as a month or two, you will have a content rich site, ready for visitors. You’ll also learn what you need to know to help you create a thriving online presence, regardless of your why.

Build Your Blog Today  is a learning hub for people who want to learn how to build a blog quickly and get support when they need it to continue growing their online presence. With the help of a few new skills creating a blog in one day is possible.

What’s My First Step?

Before you do anything else, we suggest you join our community of bloggers. Click here to sign up. You’ll stay connected with Viv Beck and receive free blogging tips and blogging resources right to your in box. You’ll never miss any updates.

Then get started on Step 1 of the Blog Building Blueprint. You could have your fully functioning blog up and running in the next 20 minutes!