Keywords | What Are They And Why Are They Important to Bloggers

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Keywords: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

When you’re sitting at your computer search the web for your favorite chicken recipe, you type in words that describe it. The search engines crawl all the databases out in cyberspace and return a search with the listing pages that contain those words you searched.

keywords what are they and why are they improtant

The more specific you are in your search, the more narrow the return of website choices. The more general you are the less specific the return are and the higher the number.

From a user’s perspective, keywords are search terms.

Here are some keywords typed in the search bar and the results they produced.

Topic: Women’s Running Shoes

  • Women’s Running Shoes – 168,000,000
  • Women’s running shoes Nike – 4,790,000
  • Women’s Nike flex 2016 – 8,560,000

Topic: Coffee Makers

  • Best Coffee Makers – 12,000,000
  • Best Single Cup Coffee Makers – 1,370,000
  • Breville Expresso Machine – 470,000

You get the idea, the more detailed you are with your search terms as a user, the smarter google is at retrieving what it is you’re looking for in your search. These search terms are what bloggers and web designers try to target in the content of their sites. These are keywords.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are important for lots of reasons. They help people searching for information. These search terms deliver more relevant information to readers. They also help marketers know how to structure their blogs and websites for better SEO. The better use of keywords by marketers, the more targeted traffic they will get to their sites. Traffic is the holy grail of all web designers.

How do bloggers decide what keywords to use?

Determining which keywords to use on your site and in your blog post is an important decision. Your first step is to put yourself in your potential visitor’s shoes. Think about what they’d be looking for when search the topic of your content. The keywords you use would be congruent with what you blog offers to your reader.

Does your site focus on a product, a service, or a particular topic? Try to identify what’s most important to your business. Create a list of keywords and key phrases, called long tail keywords. Then investigate the traffic your keywords get on a monthly basis.

How to I Research Keywords?

This investigation can be done with online tools, Keyword Planning Tool, Jaaxy, and SEM Rush are just a few. (See the links below.) When you take the time to plan out your keywords at the very early stages of building your blog, you set yourself up for success.

The goal of your website is to get more traffic. With traffic comes higher rank. With a higher rank comes more visitors and potential followers. The more followers you have, the greater potential your have to monetize your site.  This is why keywords are important.

Of course, this process doesn’t happen as soon as you put your blog up.

It takes time for the search engines to index your site. The spiders crawl your site looking for highly targeted keywords and related keywords on your site. They look for clear connections of relative terms across your site and though your site.

In order for this to happen your blog needs to grow consistently with fresh, content driven by keywords relevant to your overall topic with high search volume.

Great Content Alone Doesn’t Bring You Traffic

Your content can be amazing, but if keywords are neglected, the site you’ve worked so hard on will be overlooked by the search engines and never make it to the devices of the people searching for what you have.

SO let’s review…

Keywords Are Important to Bloggers


  1. are the search terms potential readers put in the search bar to find your content.
  2. are essential terms relative to your sites overall content and purpose.
  3. are responsible for bringing more traffic to your site.
  4. are maximized when used to structure your website.
  5. are maximized when each blog post focuses on a relevant keyword.
  6. with high search volume and low completion are best.

Tools for Keyword Research

Free Keyword Planning Tools

Jaaxy (Free Trial – Gets my highest recommendation)

Paid Keyword Planning Tools

For more information about these keyword planning tools and others, Read The Best Free and Premium Keyword Research Tools  written by  Kisti Hines on the iACQUIRE  website.

This is Why Keywords Are Important…

They get you traffic. Period. You can start a blog with a general understanding of what your site has to offer, but ideally knowing your keywords before you load your site up with amazing content will maximize traffic early on in your blog building adventure.

Do you have any tips about how to use keyword? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear about them.

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