MicroSD Memory Card – a Gift to Yourself

Who wouldn’t want the gift of memory? Professionals and hobbyists alike can always use more memory.

MicroSD Memory Card

If you have a Google Surface or any other tablet, you may want to consider expanding the memory. It keeps your hard drive clean and simplifies your life.

Google Surface Expand Memory

After buying my Surface, I realized how important clean and simple tech experiences are, so

I have dedicated myself to improving the efficiency of the technology in my life. I used to be one of those people who downloaded everything to my hard drive. In my mind this was the right thing to do. After all where ever the computer is, your documents and resources are there for you, right?

To my ignorant mind, it made sense. But, the reality was another story.

It took me some time to figure out that my habit of holding every document and graphic on the hard drive was a bad idea. My laptops slowed down. They got viruses. They had a shelf life of 2-3 years all because of my ignorance.

Then I moved to flash drives. How I loved my portable memory! I didn’t even need my computer to have everything I needed in my sweet little hands. But, being the poor manager of information I used to be, I ended up with eight flash drives. 8!!!

So I moved to an external drive, 1 terabyte. I thought I was the cat’s meow. But, with time, I found the external drive was too cumbersome, although convenient.

expand storage terabyte

So, in the past year, I made my last and final shift, I’m now looking to the sky for all my data and documents.

Yes, I moved to cloud based storage.

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I tried EverNote, OneNote, and Google Docs. My cloud of choice is Google Docs. You can read more about my Google Docs relationships here.

Cloud based storage makes managing the documents and data in  my life sooo much easier. If you haven’t jumped in to, I invite you to take a look at cloud based storage. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is make the transition.

Even though I lean on Google Drive these days, I also know extra memory in my tablet is a must. I bought the lower cost table to save money, and the sacrifice was memory.

I went into my purchase with my eyes open. I knew I would have to be selective about the apps I downloaded. I also knew I couldn’t possibly store all the graphics and photos I use for blogging on the hard drive. My memory would be consumed and it would start running slower in no time.

Clearing cookies and the cache are part of my daily rituals to help keep the innards tidy. I new I’d need to get a decent sized micro card, so I was patient and kept my eyes open for deals.

MicroSD Card 128 gigI solved the memory issue by buying a 128 Gig  MicroSD Memory Card. I paid $38 on Amazon.  It was delivered in two days, and the installation was a snap.

If you have a Surface, you may not even know it had a micro memory card slot. It’s pretty well hidden. When I surveyed 10 teachers I work with – who all have a Google Surface – only 1/10 knew they could use this tiny memory card rather than using a flash drive.

If teachers, using their tablets for two years didn’t know, I’m guessing there are other people who  might not know this is an option. It is small an inconspicuous. The disc itself is about the size of a tack! It’s only 11mm x 15mm.

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sandisc memory card

Follow the directions below and you’ll have expanding memory in no time. If you haven’t bought one yet, be sure to take a look at the post about different types of MicroSd memory cards What you Need to Know Before You Buy a MicroSD Memory Card. You’ll make a better decision if you do

On to the reason for this post…

How to Install a MicroSD Memory Card in Your Google Surface

Buy a MicroSd Memory Card. Then pull the kickstand out from the back of your Surface. The memory card slot is on the side of your machine, behind the kickstand.

MicroSD Card


Look closely because it’s well designed to not draw much attention to it. With the label facing you, slip the card in the slot and gently guide it in. You’ll feel a bit of resistance the closer it gets to being completely inserted.

MicroSD Google Surface

Don’t be afraid to continue pushing it in until the edge of the card is aligned with the design of curve of your surface.

Once it’s installed you’ll see it in your options window.

microSD Card expands memory


There is no greater relief than knowing you don’t have a memory issue. 🙂 Between your newly installed MicroSD memory card and cloud storage, you’re storage won’t be a problem from quite some time.

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