Step 1: The Foundation

The difference between a good start and a great start...

Step 1: The Foundation of Build Your Blog

In 20 minutes or less, most can their blog set up after taking action on the information found in step 2.

Build Your Blog Today Step 1 1

If it takes you a little longer than that don’t get frustrated. Something stopping you? Contact Me so I can help get you moving again.

If you have a question, I’m here to answer it.

Before moving on to step 2, you have to make two important choices first:

  • Decision 1: Select a domain name
  • Decision 2: Choose your hosting company

The domain of this blog is This is where my website lives on the internet.

My suggestion is to choose a .com, and ,net, or a .org name. Readers recognize a .com or a .net domain. You want to maximize your global reach.

Being happy with your selected domain is what matters most. When you decide this, you’re ready for your next decision.

Select a Web Host

This is a significant decision.

All blogs need web hosting. A host allows visitors to access your blog.

Choosing a free host is a bad decision. Don’t so it.

Your blog is you creation, your baby if you will. Find a host you can trust to take care of it. If it needs to be repaired on the back end or rebooted for any reason, you want to know you can count on them. A cheap host will set you up for disappointment when it really counts.

I’ve tried many hosting services like Host Gator, Dream Host, and a couple of others. My experience led me to my highest recommendation of BlueHost.

They offer amazing customer service 24/7. Setting up your blog though them is easy.

The best part is, you get a 30-day Money Back Guarantee that they stand by.

Bluehost offers a discount for people build their site here at Build Your Blog Today.

When you follow our blueprint and sign up in the next step you’ll get the discount for hosting services. It’s an exclusive offer for the first year.

Sweet, right?

Everything Bluehost offers allows me to recommend them with ultimate confidence.


How to Buy Bluehost Hosting and Install WordPress

This is soooo easy, and affordable. Sweet, right? Things have changed in the world of blogging. Years ago it was more like rocket science. Now it’s just a few steps to get started. Go ahead and watch.