Step 7: Blog Promotion

Time to share it with the world...

One misperception of new blogger is that fabulous information alone is enough to get mounds of traffic.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the trap.

build your blog today step 7

“Built it and they will come” is just not true.

You know about social media. Maybe you have a few accounts. If you do it well help. You’ll have access to traffic right out of the gate.

If you don’t have any social media accounts set up, go do it. Select 2 or 3: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… and the list goes on. Choose the patforms you’re most comfortable with for now.

When you start your blog, it will take some dedication – and courage – to start sharing and sharing consistently.

Getting exposure to your product, brand, or information has never been easier than it is today.

Since you’re creating a blog, I can only assume you want traffic and lots of it. In this step you’ll find out how to get free traffic, in addition to some paid traffic methods, like sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter ads.

TO begin with, I want to start with the most popular social media and teach you have to get traffic for little to no cost.

Social Media

It’s undeniable. Social media needs content and content needs social media. As a creator of content looking for traffic you are a marketer. Great content makes your role as a marketer easy. Mediocre content make it a bit more difficult, yet possible.

To create momentum for more traffic, content needs to be useful, entertaining, and persuasive. This is the stuff that gets shared.

Shen your content is shares by the world, the world ends up doing most of the marketing work for you!

You can create status posts that will hook your followers to click the link to your latest blog article. Do this with your personal Facebook account and Business page (or Blog page) if you have one. I recommend you do.

Optimal Posting Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Let’s first take about Facebook…

There are two simple ways to get exposure. You can pay for Facebook ads or you can share your information. The free way may take longer, but I want to touch on how you can speed up the process of getting eyes on your content.

First of all, your posts need visuals. Pictures can make the difference between getting shared or being ignored. As I said before and Pixabay are a great place to start to create professional looking graphics.

Check them out.

You already have friends on Facebook and that’s great. You want to share your content with people you know. But, the goal is to get massive exposure. Here’s my suggestion to get more free traffic beyond the people you already know…

Find Facebook groups of people who would be interested in your content. If you’re in the network marketing space, find open groups catering to people with this same interest. Join 5-10 a day. Start liking and responding to posts in these groups.

After you have a collection of groups, 20-30, made up of people in your area of interest or niche, make it a habit to share your posts in these groups consistently. If you follow this process: Join 5-10 group per day, like and comment on posts in the groups, and share your own posts to the groups, you will get traction for traffic.

The key is consistency. Post in the groups you’re a part of and let them get a chance to see your valuable content. If someone comments on your post, be sure to respond. This helps your FB algorithms.

The more YOU respond to people reaching out to you the better. Remember to do these things on facebook:

  • Like other people’s posts
  • Make comments of posts that are not yours
  • Once your post, make a comment to follow up on your post
  • Try to respond to everyone who leaves a comment under your posts (even negative ones)
  • Post consistently to the groups you’ve been accepted in, sharing your blog posts
  • Consider resharing popular content for repeat exposure.


Like Facebook, you want to start following people interested in the information you have to share. If you only have 42 followers, no worries. Your numbers will build over time as you share information.

When you follow others, many will follow you back. The law od reciprocation drives social media. Like and share other peoples’ tweets, even if they are offering the same information you are.

You can set up your WordPress blog to tweet every time you post on your blog. You’re going to have to get active with other before they get active with you.

If you have a twitter account, awesome. Maybe you only have 35 followers. No problem. Start following people in the same niche you’re in. Many follow back. The great thing about wordpress is when you publish a post on your blog, you can set it up so it also sends it to your Twitter feed.

Just remember, consistency is the key. Set a schedule and stick to it. You don’t have to post every day. The best times to tweet your post is between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Keep this in mind as you move forward.

You could step in to paid Titter Ads, but for now, keep it simple and focus on developing habits of consistency.


Google+ is AWESOME! It’s a powerful platform and all you need is a free gmail account. If functions similarly to Facebook.

Like Facebook, you want to connect with groups of people who are interested in similar topics as your are. On Google+ these groups are called circles. Join as many as you can.

Do the same thing as you would do in Facebook. Respond, 1+ (the equivalent of liking) and follow people. It ain’t rocket science. You just have to be willing to be active. G+ is growing. You can connect with plenty of leaders in your niche. When you engage with relevant audiences your posts will be well received.

Engage, and others will engage back. +1’s and sharing is all you have to do to gain momentum and have others do the same for you. If you’re considering using this platform post between 9:00am and 11:00 am. That’s when it’s most active.


I’ve heard many people say they aren’t professional enough for linkedin. This can’t be farther from the truth. There are groups of people who want what you have to offer. The enagement is similar to other platform. The idea of reciprocation holds true here too. You have to be willing to interact consistenetly and make some connections of people who are have the same interest as you.

In LinkedIn, your profile is important. Be sure to use keywords relevant to niche in your descriptions and details. Don’t be shy here. If you have a little known skill, share it. This is how like minded people can find you.

I actually enjoy the posts people share from their blogs. I’ve found them to informative and insightful. You can also learn a lot about structuring your post by reading what other people share.

If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, but you’ve wanted to get started, don’t be afraid to take advantage of learning opportunity you have LinkedIn. If you post here, consider posting between 7-9 am and/or 5-6 pm.


I’m sure you’re aware of the visual nature of Pinterest. Great blogs have informative visuals: photos, infographics, logos, illustrations, etc. (Remember to check out my two favorite free resources to create amazing graphics!) Using what you already post on your website, you have a great marketing opportunity.

The point here is to follow boards, not just people. Like related images and leave comments like you would in other social media. You can grow a following fast. But, stay relevant. Don’t waste your time interacting with boards and pins about shoes if you’re nowhere near the fashion niche.

You’re better off creating fewer relevant boards to begin with and load them with quality pins linking to your blog posts rather than posting a wide array of boards that are a broad stoke of your interests.

Consistency will really benefit on this platform. So stay dedicated. Make sure you do more than self-promote. You need to practice the same skills as other platforms: give to receive. And, like with other platforms, put a call to action on blog posts asking your readers to share your posts on all forms of social media, including Pinterest.

Create a profile that reflects your interests and your niche. The value of this account is link every pin back to your blog. When you pin focus on 2-4pm and 8pm – 1pm

Blog Activity

Fine active blogs in you niche. Read the content. Leave relevant comments at the bottom of posts. If the owner of the blog allows you to leave links, leave a link – only if it’s actually helpful based on the post and the current thread and conversation.

Forum Interaction

Let us not forget about the easily forgotten forum. Many people stay away from forum because they over look the power of its impact. Search for forums in your niche. Begin post and responding to posts.

This gives you the chance to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, occasionally sharing a link to a a post that give people related information. The greatest benefit is you gain insight to questions people interest in your niche have today.

Use the questions other people share in the forum as motivation to write new blog posts. Once you build a blog post inspired by a forum post, you can go back and share your post with an audience that wants your information.