Surface Pro 2 8.1 – How to Free Up Storage Space

Surface pro 2 Storage MemoryHow to Free Up Space on Your Surface Pro 2


Surface pro 2 Storage Memory

It seems most schools use Apple products, but many teachers have access to Google Surfaces for classroom management.

Teachers at my school were all given a Surface Pro 3. At first, I wasn’t in love with it. It took some time to adjust to the new operating system. But, it turns out I liked it so much that I decided to purchase one for myself. Now keep in mind, I have an iMac as my home computer. The reason I turned to the Surface Pro 2 is because I wanted something easy to carry so I could work on the go without the cost of buying a MacBook.

Being Frugal Paid Off

Being a big fan of Google Docs, I investigated many tablets. When I found a Surface Pro 2 online for $144, I didn’t hesitate. Okay, maybe for a few minutes because of the limited memory, but then I weighted the options, I realized buying a MicroSD Memory Card was the perfect solution.

All said and done, I spend a fraction of what I would have on any other option. With this set up I have everything I wanted. I accomplished my goal of being able to take my work with me with all the functions I need for less than $200. I’d say I made out okay.

Back to the Reason of this Post …

Managing Your Memory and Storage on Your Microsoft Surface

If you’re worried about space on your Surface, there are ways to easy that worry. Now keep in mind, if you’re a big gamer, this may not be for you, but as a teacher I’m able to accomplish everything I need with the provided memory plus the tips given in the video below.

The good news is, if you have to more than one user interface on your machine, there are ways to minimize the impact of memory usage.

What You’ll Need to Free Up Storage

  • MicroSD Memory Cards (SanDisc Ultra 128 $39.99 on Amazon)
  • 4-8 Gig flash drive (PNY Attache, 16 Gig, $5.99 on Amazon)

Watch the entire video for an overview. Then watch it again using it as a guided tutorial. Move through the steps, stopping the video along way.


I was able to free up almost 3 Gig of memory following the methods in this video. I also bought a Micro SD memory card with 128 Gigs and it’s the best decision I made after I bought it. You could buy a memory card with much less memory, but I wanted to keep my options open to downloading photos and graphics, which I do a lot of.

My suggestion to you is, if you have multiple users on your machine, opted for less memory and buy a MicroSD card for each user. This will keep your cost down and you can manage the memory and storage in your Google Surface efficiently.

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