Network Marketing: Build Your Brand with a 6 Minute Blog

Your Success is Not About Your Product

If you’re in network marketing you need a blog. It’s a great way to bring in free traffic for your business. But you want to make sure you stay focused on the purpose of your blog. The greatest mistake network marketers make is thinking their blog is all about their product. Don’t get caught up […]

Network Marketing Build Your Blog

Start Blogging Now: Stop Dreaming and Just Do It!

Start Blogging Now If you’re looking for some great passive income, start blogging now. Blogging is a great way to share what you know and get some extra passive income while you’re at it. Passive income is money that you’re earning while you sleep. This money is easy to earn once you get it all […]

Start Blogging now

5 Reasons Bloggers are Happier and Healthier People

A blog doesn't need to make money to make a difference.

Blogging Increases Your Happiness Quotient Do you ever wonder why there are so many blogs being created every day? It’s a 21st century phenomenon.¬†According to WordPress there are about 2.13 million blog posts a day! Blogs for business and blogs for pleasure make up this daily count. Not¬†everyone creates a blog to make money. Many […]

blogging makes you happier

2 FREE Tools To Bring Video into the Classroom

Limited Access to YouTube is No Longer a Problem

2 Simple Tech Tools that Make Teaching Easier In my classroom I use a lot of video. Unfortunately, our school doesn’t allow access to YouTube in many other video And audio sites. In order to access YouTube whether it was a self-created video on my YouTube channel or accessing a tutorial created by someone else, […]

Bring YouTube into Your Classroom

How to Put Related Posts at the Bottom of Your Blogger Post

Putting Related Posts With Thumbnails at the Bottom of Your Posts Keeps Reader’s Interest By putting related posts with thumbnails at the bottom of your post, you’re doing more than making your blog look cool. Putting related blog posts at the bottom of your blogger posts actually increase your SEO. This is because you create […]