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Welcome to my site! My Name is Vivian Beck. I am a veteran teacher of 27 years and I’ve always had a passion for technology, specifically web design. I help busy professionals build an online presence. The great news is you can turn your blog filled with what moves you into a profit. This is what I help people do, turn a passion or interest into a profit.

Over the course my decades in education I gather many skill sets surrounding teaching and technology. Even though I’m an old dog, I learned new tricks. Web design has been my hobby for years and it’s become my second income. As I move closer to retirement, the security of knowing I’ll have an income is quite a relief!

Right now, I use technology in my classroom on a regular basis. Through the power of internet, I bring the world into my classroom and streamline communication with the learning community. I’m also an expert at curriculum design and implementation. This is where the “teacher” part comes in to the title of this site. I am also an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. I’ve learned, though a great deal of trial and error, how to make money online.

I as I see it everybody has a gift or talent to share with the world. How you share it is up to you, but since you’re here I’m guessing you want to share it through the online experience of building a blog. If that’s you hold tight. There is a way you can become a sensation online and make an impact on the world.
Like you, I was looking for ways to use what I already know to make an impact on the world beyond the reach of the work place. I started with free blogging tools and moved towards self-hosted site quickly. The problem was I had to search out the information and figured out what I needed to know along the way.

I’ve had my share of frustration and disappointment. I’ve made some horrific mistakes that cost me a great deal of invested time and money. From these terrible mistakes, I learned valuable lessons. It’s difficult to juggle a career while trying to build a website. Everything takes time, and I invested more time than most because I could see the power of the internet and how it could give me an extra income, I just took time to get there.

The purpose of this Teacherpreneur Cafe is to give you the chance to benefit from my experience. I want to shorten your learning curve and help you design your blog quickly and efficiently. Time is more valuable than money. You can never get it back. This is why I decided to share what I’ve learning about putting together your blog. There is no reason you need to struggle the way I did.

Here is where you’ll find a simplified process to get your blog started the RIGHT way. This is why I encourage you to sign up for the very first email course offered by Teacherpreneur Cafe. The course is simple, yet significant. If you begin here, growing your site will be far easier and you’ll be more productive in the future. After all, time is money and productivity matters.

The posts here cover a wide array of blogging resources, tutorials, and the mindset you need to stay focused on your goals. There are other topics shared that are of personal interest to me. So, don’t be surprised if you see an inspirational post, a favorite video, a book review, or a post about teaching.

I am here to see you succeed online. If you have a question, email me and we can connect. As a welcome to TPC I also provide ½ hour Clarity Calls to help you start your website and blog out right. If you’re interested in your free Clarity Call, just email me with your contact information and we can chat on the phone.

Welcome to The Teacherpreneur Cafe (TPC) I’m glad you’re here. The site is growing every week, so come back often.